Alchemy of atmosphere …

Alchemy star
The real nature of matter was unknown to the alchemist: he knew it only in hints. In seeking to explore it he projected the unconscious into the darkness of matter in order to illuminate it.”

C.G. Jung. Psychology and Alchemy.

Digital collage experiments referencing the mutability of atmosphere and the perception of landscape, also alchemical glyphs, the geometry of viewpoint, direction and interconnection.

A selection from work in progress:

Alchemy 6 small Alchemy 9 small Alchemy 10 small Alchemy 12 rotated small Alchemy 11 small alchemy 13 small Alchemy 14 small alchemy forms mixSee more about the development of this project at AA2A here

The Vintage Gaze

Venus orient smallest

An ongoing series of images: visualising experiences of time and memory …

I have been using digital manipulation techniques to merge printed photographs from (in these examples) late 1940’s fashion publications, archival material, internet imagery and my own photographs. This digital collage re-uses, re-edits, re-visits. It looks at world events and objects that may have been witnessed, remembered, imagined, anticipated, feared, or considered impossible, by the once youthful, once fashionable models, who appear to be gazing out, through and across time.

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dragon tattoo smallCandy google moon

In The Mirror

Wood spirit 1 smaller

Sensing presence via the shifting qualities of woodland light.

A series of material trials.

Fiona Candy and Andy Mairs.  Avenham Park, Preston, Lancashire and Sea Wood, Sunbrick, Cumbria. August – October 2017.

Mirror figures made in 2002; first exhibited at Designersblock 2003, Tea Building, Shoreditch, London.

wood spirit 5 2nd series smaller

Wood spirit 2nd series smaller

Wood spirtits 2nd series 3