“An active line on a walk, moving freely, without goal. A walk for walk’s sake.” 

walk artwork reverse side cropped

(Image ‘Memory of a walk’ © Fiona Candy, September 2019)

 Quotation by Paul Klee, from his Pedagogical Sketchbook, first published in 1925.

 Recently I’ve been drawing in response to experiences of walking through Preston’s city centre parks. On these walks I made my way intuitively without any plan and sketched out routes and perceptual aspects as I moved along, using pencil line at first. I added to these very rough drawings later and made others from memory. I then combined elements and developed the drawings digitally.

As well as the work of artists such as Paul Klee, music and dance notation were strong influences.





walk notation 1

Above: Sections of walking ‘notation’, from my physical and digital sketchbooks


avenham park walk17

(Image © Fiona Candy, September 2019).

The results are not conceived as ‘maps’ in any conventional sense: no relationship  to compass points was considered  for instance, or  the relative scale of pathways or other features encountered in the park. Rather, the drawings are expressions  of embodied  memories, of sensing and moving through ephemeral qualities of landscape.

avenham park walk basic map

Google Earth view of Avenham and Miller Parks

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