The Vintage Gaze

dragon tattoo small

An ongoing series of images: visualising experiences of time and memory …

I have been using digital manipulation techniques to merge printed photographs from vintage fashion publications, archival material, and my own photographs. This digital collage re-uses, re-edits, re-visits. It looks at world events and objects that may have been witnessed, remembered, imagined, anticipated, feared, or considered impossible, by the once youthful, once fashionable models, who appear to be gazing out, through and across time.

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Venus rising 2 smallerVenus on Mars smaller still Candy google moon

In The Mirror

Wood spirit 1 smaller

Sensing presence via the shifting qualities of woodland light.

Mirror figures designed and made in 2002; first exhibited at Designersblock 2003, Tea Building, Shoreditch, London.

Revisited in 2017 in Avenham Park, Preston, and Sea Wood, Sunbrick, Cumbria.

August and October, 2017.

wood spirit 5 2nd series smaller