Revisiting the project archive…


…to celebrate the launch of the Footwear Research Network by Dr Alexandra Sherlock, who is based at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. See more about the Network here.

And the video below shows an example of some of my own footwear research: recording the sounds of footfall during the development process of ‘Making Presence Felt’, back in 2015. A commission by Northampton Museums and Art Gallery.

Many thanks to  Fitchett Proll Dance in Preston, Lancashire, for giving access to the dance sessions and allowing me to make these recordings.

Above: the typewriter piece I made, was inspired by the audio recording of the dance session. I heard the rhythmic tapping combinations of left and right as 0’s and 1’s: an acoustic form of binary communication…


A young visitor to the exhibition in the Northampton gallery is fascinated by the old, analogue typewriter.



Views of the Northampton gallery showing some of the other exhibits.

To extend the reach and impact of the gallery presentation a short, experimental film was created: a collaboration with director Mark Gill and The Chase Films

Mark and his team filming in the gallery.

You can watch the film here.

Earphones are recommended for dynamic, immersive sound.

And some visitor comments about the gallery experience can be found here

Grays ear