ONE DAY: a project proposal by MIL for Lancashire City of Culture 2025

This project’s title takes advantage of double meanings: referring to a measurement of time, and also hopeful ambition for the future.

MIL are a creative collective based in Lancashire. More here

Our project aimed to stimulate a surge of creativity across Lancashire, by encouraging imaginative, future facing approaches. It was devised to bring together a diverse range of creative activity across the physical and virtual City of Culture,and which would take place during a single day. Midsummer’s Day was identified as ideal, from dawn till dusk.

A digital component was designed to act as both delivery mechanism and synchronistic ‘time capsule’ record.

48 participating projects would be assigned pre-prepared outline templates to direct the visual content of each square. Squares to be selected/designed by participants to represent their activity, and make up the collaborative composite to be viewable online.

The second image shows how images would be added to the collaborative grid.

Squares would be clickable to access the creative activities: in real time and also later, to view recordings of what took place.



Please click to enlarge.

A related, smaller image ‘NOW’ – was prototyped during lockdown. (see below)

NOW image 2a


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