Making Presence Felt.

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photo 2Making Presence Felt
 has opened to the public at Northampton Museum and Art Gallery.

A collection of material exhibits have been designed to cross the senses and to work as prompts or ‘clues’ to a series of sound stories. The audio and visual elements combine to connect listeners to traces of human presence that can be heard and felt, rather than only seen.

Visitors listen via headphones to the acoustic rhythms of footsteps on the stairs, city pavements, rush hour in the subway, running, dancing, wandering  in woodland. Haptic, immersive audio combines with the static material exhibits to trigger imaginative mental imagery and bring attention to the body in motion. On another level, the ambiguity of the shadowy gallery presentation offers the potential to cross over into less conscious, metaphorical themes: of containment and release, escape and pursuit, repetition and the random. Where fact and fiction merge…


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